Messages from Christian Fellowship Chapel

Advent 2018 pt4 - Follow the Magi

January 9, 2019

When the magi observe the star rising in the east, the sign is so compelling, so significant, that these sky-watchers are gripped by such strong curiosity that they set out on a major pilgrimage to find the king of the Jews whose birth has been declared by the heavens.

How will you respond? Will you share in the excitement and joy the magi experienced? Will you bow down with them and acknowledge Jesus as not only the king of the Jews, but the king of Creation?

Will you respond as Herod’s religious advisors did, with informed disinterest? Maybe you have gone to church, most of your life and you know and appreciate the gospel message ,but the knowledge in your head hasn’t trickled down into your soul.

Or, will you respond like Herod, with rebellious rage that your way of living is threatened by Jesus’ presence in the world?