Messages from Christian Fellowship Chapel

Chosen AND Chastened

July 3, 2019

Lamentations is a compilation of five poems of sorrow that Jeremiah wrote when all of his warnings to the people came true. Jeremiah’s warnings were made to the people God had chosen as his own. The warnings were aimed at drawing back to God people who knew who God was and what he expected of them. They knew He was to be first in their affections. They knew they were to accord honour to Him above all others, because the Ten Commandments highlighted God’s expectations that the people would honour and worship him alone. They knew that God’s name would become known to the nations by how the Jewish people reflected that relationship in their conducted with one another.

Israel failed to obey and they paid the price. No more blessings, only cursing.

How well we love our neighbours and how well we treat one another reflect how well we love our Saviour. They are also indications to the world of how well we love the Lord. How we live out our love will either profane his name, or cause it to be honoured among unbelievers.