Messages from Christian Fellowship Chapel

How Long?

July 3, 2019

David's four exclamations of "how long" in Pslam 13 encompass the three sources of his anxious heart: the apparent silence of God, the turmoil of his own thoughts, and the enemies surrounding him—David in the middle, God on his right, enemies on his left. He is caught in spiritual anguish, mental anguish, and threatened with physical anguish. One would be bad enough, two are a great strain, but three is the entire package of trouble.  When you are in the midst of pain, or sorrow, or conflict your mind is focussed on the trouble, trying to grapple with it, or make sense of it, or simply escape it. We are going to have trouble, but as Jesus warns us, we have to take care that it not become the focus of our life.  What can we learn from David's Psam that might give us insight into our own time of crisis, sorry, and pain?